Hello world!

Welcome to my very first blog!

As a child, my favourite game was dress-up, I would rush to the dress-up box as soon as my mom dropped me off at play-school, pick out the tutu, and proceed to wear it for the rest of the day over my denim dungarees. Not much has changed, when it comes to dressing up in costume, my friends and I make every birthday party/outing/festival, an occasion to dress up beautifully.

My costume of choice these days is usually  in 40/50’s style with lashings of red lipstick, but living in London, it is so easy to branch out to Burlesque, Steampunk, Rockabilly, Goth, Hipster, or whatever style tickles your fancy. I am by no means fashionable, and neither am I a particularly eccentric dresser by day (by my standards in any way), but I love the thrill of a transformation, be it in myself or in someone else.

I spent four years as a student immersing myself in historical styles of makeup, hair and props, with the thought of working in the film or theatre industry, which I did for a while, but my talents haven’t been earning me money for quite a few years now, and  so here I am, being self indulgent in a blog, and hoping to revive my skills.


Please share your thoughts

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