Brighton Boutique Charity fashion show

About two weeks ago I responded to a shout out on Facebook from Oh My Honey, looking for an extra hairstylist for the Brighton Boutique Fashion show. Louise O’Mahony makes the most fabulous reproduction fifties dresses, and needed someone who could do victory rolls and so forth for the cancer research charity show. As I wasn’t doing anything in particular that Sunday, I decided to make it an adventure, and travel down to Brighton for the day. Armed with an array of tongs, hairpins and hairspray, I arrived at the venue, where we did our styling in the semi-dark of a disco dance-floor. Despite the low light and my slightly rusty skills, I managed to finish six hairstyles in time for the show.

Shortly before the show started, I needed to fix a victory roll that had gone astray during a change. The model in question was about twice my height, and had to perch on a stool as her skirt was too tight. We made quite the spectacle as I stood precariously on a swivel chair to reach her. Note to self :”avoid having your photo taken next to a model”, it’s all about perspective.

The show was a great success and inspired me to do more hair and makeup styling, as well as start this blog. I worked with some lovely people and hope to collaborate on some  photo-shoots.


One thought on “Brighton Boutique Charity fashion show

  1. Jy is ‘n genius nig! Lyk sooooo mooi. Daai foto van jou en die blonde hemelbesem, is nogal ‘n special sight! X

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