Thoughts on Beauty

The concept of beauty is such a fluid and complex thing, it changes according to the ages, fashions, and preconceptions of people. It is a very hard thing to define, two people who look completely different can be equally attractive. Although (and here is my little rant) contemporary media displays a very narrow view of beauty. They like to put it in a box and label it, and anyone who fall outside of this is called “plus size” (size 12/14? WTF?), or ridiculed as a freak – even worse, ignored.

As with everything, you need contrast to appreciate something, but it would be nice if we could see the beauty in everyone. If we use cosmetics, use it to make the best of our features or reflect our personality instead of feeling inadequate because we don’t fit the mould. Only when we are happy within ourselves will we feel beautiful, and that will radiate to other areas of our life.

What is your opinion on ideal beauty vs feeling beautiful?


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Beauty

  1. crazy story, crazy people.
    The other day there was a girl at the gym, she just came to terms that she has a eating disorder (anorexia) and is working at it. A “trainer” walks up to her and says ‘you have a fab body how do you do it’ …WTF!!!!
    People keep on thinking that you need to starve yourself because skin and bones are beautiful,People like that are brain-washed!
    I’m a personal trainer with hips and a butt and I’m proud of it, we’re women, we should have those things and embrace our natural form, not despise or feel insecure about it, we are built like this for a reason!
    Nobody will ever be happy with their form or looks, but the day you embrace and make the best of what you’ve got, you will feel much better and people will see you as beautiful, whether your big or small, tall or short, because confidence is all…fake it till you make it!
    You might even start believing your beautiful too 🙂

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