Walk like an Egyptian – part 2

In my last post, I promised to share the images from the Egyptian photo-shoot. I was lucky enough to have the beautiful Sam Sumaira as my model, and Buddyrock as our talented photographer.

The first look, channels authentic Egyptian makeup and hair, with a beaded collar that I made myself to complete the look. This look is quite easy to do for a fancy dress, a white tunic/dress, collar, golden ribbon and don’t forget the eyeliner. Its sacrilege to buy a tacky ready-made costume – just don’t do it!

Retromorphosist- photo credit: Buddyrock

Egyptian eye-shadow is applied to the whole of the lid in greens, blues, gold and yellows.

Retromorphosist- photo credit: Buddyrock

Retromorphosist - photo credit: Buddyrock

For our next installation, I have a contemporary interpretation of the Egyptian look.

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