Walk like an Egyptian – part 3

In today’s post I share my updated version of the Egyptian look.

retromorphosist, photo credit: Buddyrock

This look is easy to put together with some golden jewellery, golden top and pleated chiffon skirt. What I love about fashion at the moment (although I don’t generally like anything about fashion most of the time) is that it’s so theatrical that you can find really effective outfits for photo shoots. The glitsy top is actually a body – who thought that those would make a comeback after the eighties? I crimped the hair for texture and volume and used golden tones instead of green for the eye-shadow. The lips I left nude to focus on the eyes. In hindsight, I think I needed to do heavier eyeliner, but hey, you live and learn. I will go and practice some more and share the improvements at some point.

If you haven’t seen the previous installation in this series, be sure to check it out here.

Model: Sam Sumaira

Photographer: Buddyrock

Wardrobe: Miss Selfridges


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