A Brighton weekend of Fabulousness

Around the time when I started my blog, I saw that Rock’nRoll Bride was organising a School of Rock blogging workshop in Brighton. I was not quite quick enough to bag a space the first time round, but luckily, despite ridiculously high demand, I got a spot in the next session.

M and I decided to make a weekend of it, and couldn’t quite figure out why accommodation was so difficult (and expensive) to find, when we realised that it was Brighton Pride as well. Despite it being a bit of a mission, I am SO glad we went, the planets aligned and I am sure the full moon helped too, I feel it was a weekend of portentous meetings. The workshop was a gathering of creative souls, and I think all will agree that Kat did a great job of clearing up the murky waters of blogging for us newbies. The best bit was meeting everyone else afterwards over dinner and too many glasses of wine. I met quite a few kindred souls, and we even discussed some future projects, so keep posted!

Which brings us to the next part of our adventure, and a different kind of fabulous. After a greasy fry up and a double espresso, we took our fragile selves to go see the Pride parade. I just loved seeing all the colour and costumes – we were treated to the sight of Freddy Mercury, Lady Gaga, and even her Majesty the Queen made an appearance. It reminds of the time I turned my dad into Dame Edna for a photoshoot, unfortunately those photos went missing.

After a full day’s parade and sightseeing, we ended up in a teeny tiny restaurant called Bom-Bane’s and had some spectacular cocktails. It was their 6th birthday and there was BUBBLES on the tables! If you are in the area, go give them a visit, just sitting at the table is an experience as each table has a hidden trick to be discovered. Be sure to check out the website first though, as they haven’t got regular opening hours. We got chatting so some lovely people on the table next to us, which isn’t something that ever happens in London.

So, feeling invigorated and tired at the same time – I leave you with some more photos of the weekend.


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