Rocking the Roman look

I have never been one for following fashions, and instead of reading a glossy magazine to see the latest/hottest/must have style, I like finding my inspiration in history. It is basically exactly the same thing that the fashion-mongers do, but I get to exercise the creative muscles if I can think up ideas for myself, and I don’t end up following the pack.

After our  Roman photo-shoot, I quickly transformed Alessia from ancient goddess to a more modern version.

In ancient times, the hair at the back would have been tightly wound into ringlets, but I went for a more lived in look, with the front hair taken up around some gold ribbon. Makeup is kept simple with golden tones in the eye-shadow and smokey black liner for a sophisticated look. And there you go! Ready to go out.

Photographer: Chema Mora

Model: Alessia

Makeup, hair, styling: Retromorphosist


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