A Phantasmagorical Halloween

Dressing up is my favourite thing, so by default, Halloween is my favourite happening of the year. Usually,I do everyone else’s makeup for parties and then have no time to do my own, and then we rush out without taking any photos. This year I narrowed it down to three people, and we got to play around in front of the camera. I dislike photos of myself and get horribly self conscious, but it does help to get into a character. Our destination was the Phantasmagoria party at La Scala, organised by White Mischief, who do the most decadent Steampunk events.

I really love the Dia de los Muertos face painting, but knowing that its a popular theme, I thought I would change the presentation a bit, and mix it up with a bit of spooky, a touch of vintage, and a drop of gypsy. Of course, Mr M went as the day of the dead groom, and looked very handsome if I may say so.

Lady Liz went as a Victorian Ring-mistress, unfortunately, her Lions got out of control and clawed her pretty face.

It is quite cheap and easy to make your own wound with equal parts of gelatin, glycerin and water, which I popped into the microwave for 10 seconds and then painted on. Just take care with applying it directly to skin, as it can be very hot, and use an old or disposable brush. The gory look was achieved with some lake and red shading and fake blood.

We only got back home in the wee hours of the morning, and it was quite the undertaking to get rid of all the makeup and hairspray before we got into bed. Mr M. might have to go to work still looking like an EMO on Monday morning, as I used the Inglot waterproof eyeliner gel to paint the black bits – we actually came home with all our makeup intact despite all the dancing.

Did you dress up for Halloween? Do share some pictures!


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