Back to the Eighties

I meant to do the series of historical styles in chronological order, but then I met the lovely Lauren on the London underground and asked her if she would model for me. Yes, you heard correctly, a conversation was struck up on the notoriously antisocial tube with a perfect stranger. If her friendly smile encouraged me to speak to her, then her vibey nature dictated that we would do an 80’s shoot. With the help of our very talented photographer, David Wolhuter, we managed to shoot these images in my apartment with only natural light and an ancient camera.

I really like the colourful makeup of the eighties, it’s just so much fun to recreate, although, back then they did it with less technique and blending. There wasn’t single focus on the face, but rather everything was bold; bright OTT cheek-bones, intense, glossy lips and rainbow eyes with heavy brows.

 As much as I would have loved the use of a spangly over the top 80’s evening dress, the recent popularity of all things eighties and vintage have made it horrendously expensive and scarce in London. Luckily Lauren had some items that we styled with shoulder pads, and Primark was surprisingly helpful in the accessory department. We kept it young and fresh with double denim and a crop top, because double breasted jackets are…well, boring, and neon pink is a cliche best left for hen-parties and roller disco.

What do you love or hate about the eighties? Do you consider it vintage?

Hair, makeup and styling: Retromorphosist

Photography: David Wolhuter

Model: Lauren Milne


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