Christmas party smokey sparkles


Two things I have learnt today

1.Those pretty pictures on Pinterest are mightily misleading!


2. Things look much different on camera than they do in real life – especially glitter.

So far I have been very spoiled with all the gracious photographers making my work look good. What looked spangly and sparkly in real life, failed to perform in the face of my lacking photography skills and lighting angles. Oh well, you will just have to trust me that this look is an excellent idea for a night out. I created the smokey black eyes with my black Inglot liner and a soft brush, and then some powder shadow to set it with. The black glitter was pushed onto the lid with a concealer brush and some some Vaseline to get it to stick. A good tip is to place a tissue under the eye when you apply the glitter to prevent it sticking to the face, and only apply your foundation when you have finished the eyes. I wanted to add some fake lashes, but in combination with the spangles, my lovely model looked like a drag queen, so I just slathered on some mascara, and she was ready for a party.




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