From girl next door to Super Siren


For those of you who have been hibernating this winter in your baggy jumpers and fluffy slippers, New Years creates a perfect opportunity to dress up and go out on the town. So to get you in the mood, I’m posting some photos of the lovely Liz’s transformation. To get you started, you will need some music, bubbly and snacks (our butler made us cracker bread with cream cheese, tomatoes, black pepper and balsamic vinegar which I can highly recommend)

To set the hair I used Tony and Guy hot-sticks which gives a lovely vintage style in a fraction of the time that a wet set takes. I still prefer a wet set as it is more precise, but in this instance it was just the ticket.

vintage hair


Instead of the usual red lipstick I used a bright pink fuchsia as a softer alternative; it would also be a good day to night look.

vintage hair


And there you go! Almost instant glamour to party the new year in with.



One thought on “From girl next door to Super Siren

  1. Bahaha, hierdie is mal snaaks! En so waar, Liz met haar lama trui die Saterdag ogg. Daarna “Princess Liz later that evening”, oppad Kensington toe “for some fine dining”.

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