New Years Eve party makeup


I have a confession to make, I did not leave my house during the whole festive break, except to buy food. I stayed inside, had loads of rest, and made my friends come and visit me. Even the promise of a New Years dress-up party did not tempt me to venture out. Luckily my friends are more sociable, and partied the new year in at the White Mischief NYE ball, which gave me a chance to play around. The first look is Rococo inspired, but I kept the foundation a natural colour and used white liquid eyeliner. For the hair I did a lot of back-combing and did not use any extensions, but I might try using a hair rat next time to see if I can get the hair even bigger. The second look is from the 20’s. I left the curls a bit loose to make it more wearable, and I am proud to say the waves withstood a full nights partying. The smoky eyes needs some refining, but I quite liked the lips.

baroque makeup

rococco makeup

baroque makeup

rococo makeup

baroque makeup






Happy New Year everyone!


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