five minute Downton hair

I feel a bit like Anna, the ladies maid from Downton Abbey as I quickly put up m’lady Liz’ hair. It’s a week night, and Liz is on her way out – and late as usual. But what are neighbours for if you can’t help out in a pinch? So, without much pre-meditation, I quickly do a rope braid around her head and pin the loose end up as she finishes her makeup. It’s not perfect, but its quick, and looks suspiciously Downton-esque. Might have something to do with having just finished watching the last series, and being slightly obsessed.

Downton Hair

Downton hair

Downton hair

I will have to practice a bit more to achieve the impeccable styling of the series, there is not a hair out of place and the styles are beautifully glossy, but I shall take that as a challenge.


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