A Most Curious Wedding Fair


Anneke Irving

This weekend was spent promoting my trade at A Most Curious Wedding Fair at the Truman Breweries in Brick Lane. I only found out about it on Thursday afternoon and spent the next day panicking to get some business cards printed in time and find some interesting items to attract some attention to my table. In the end, it was Liz the car-boot queen to the rescue, as I found an old leather suitcase and mirror with a heavy wooden frame amongst her loot. Paired with a bright pink African cloth and a vase and flowers, I think it looked quite cheerful.


I also got to do makeup and hair for the lovely girls at the Tearoom. I had some fake flowers lying around in just the right colours for some Frida inspired styling. The lipstick is Eurydice from Illamasqua, and I have to say I am very pleased with it. I did not have to do one touch up , even though there was much tea drinking to keep the chill of the venue at bay.



There were some beautiful stands, with exquisite dresses, and accessories, as well as stands for photographers, stationers and caterers. Unfortunately I only got to photograph some of those around me, as, before I knew it, the weekend was over and we had to pack up.







If you didn’t catch me at the fair this weekend and you’re in need of some makeup or hair for your wedding, give me shout, and I can organise a trial.



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