IMATS treasure haul

I might have gone overboard…just a little bit, but with all the pretty things at IMATS this weekend, – and the discounts, who can blame me? I also have very good justification for every item bought (as you do) and now boast a well stocked and well organised makeup kit.

My first purchase was this very nifty quad-pack from Nigel Beauty Emporium, it folds up into a square bag, and holds much more than you would think. It very handy for organising brushes, small palettes and pots, you can place the bag flat on your workstation for easy access, or hang it up by a handy hook. I’m buying myself another one as soon as the finances bounce back.

The Royal & Langnickel brushes were an absolute bargain, I chose a selection from their different ranges, but I’m particularly exited to try out the professional synthetic range, which mimic the texture of natural bristles, and are good for use with either powder or creams. Of course, Crownbrush also made it into my kit, I chose a small round crease brush and a metal brow comb, which is also handy for separating lashes. 

 I’m trying out some different foundations, and heard good things about the Graftobian HD range, so in to my basket the neutral palette went. It is a cream based foundation with a silky finish, looks fantastic under camera as well as in person. 

Of course, no makeup kit is complete without some Embryolisse Mycellar water for cleansing and Lait-Creme Concentre for moisturisation. I got the toner as well, because its super refreshing and does not irritate, even on my sensitive skin. I think I might pop one in the fridge and spritz it on in the mornings to wake me up. The kind person at the stand gave me a complimentary  lip-balm and Lait-creme Scintillant, which leaves just a hint of golden glimmer and would look great on the chest and shoulders for a wedding or special occasion.


These Inglot eyeshadows are for the two empty spaces in my palette, comparable to M.A.C shadows but at a fraction of the price. The soft eye-pencil is an pearly off-white, perfect for highlighting eyes.

The purchase that I am maybe most exited about are these OCC  lip tars. I bought them in primary colours, black, and white, so that I could mix my own lipstick colours, and you can use them all over the face –  except for the red, which should not be used on eyes. On the far right is a purple-red liptar, that looks black in the tube, but blends out into a lovely carmine stain. The red used by itself is the perfect neutral red for a vintage lip, and I got a sealer to prevent bleeding. OCC is made from natural and vegan ingredients and has the most amazing pigments. The little pot contains a deep coral cream pigment, that can be used for correcting colour in dark skins, or as a lip and check colour. Its good to be able to use a product in more than one way – nifty and thrifty. The primer is water based, but I haven’t had a chance to test it yet, so I will come back with a review at a later tage.

I am always on the lookout to find ways of organising and simplifying my kit. The Z-palette is one of those things that you wish you thought of inventing – a clever way of consolidating all your single eye shadows, blushes and bronzers from different brands, without having to sift through bags of little pots. The little bag on the carabiner clip is from Chaoss film accessories, and is very handy to store a kabuki brush and lipstick in for touch-ups. Just clip it to your brush-belt and you won’t have to rummage in your set-bag in search of small items.

Hygiene is super important, so I got myself  a new mixing palette and spatula, as well as a darling wrist palette, that can double up as a statement bracelet 😉 . The different mascara wands are also really nice, because the wands make more of a difference that the formulation most of the time.


Fard creme palettes is another one of those multi-use items that can be used as foundation, concealer, corrector, lips and cheeks. It is a wax based makeup from French brand Le Maquillage ,and is to be found in many a makeup artist’s kit.


…And after you got all your brushes dirty with the new makeup, these brush cleaners will clean it all up again!

So, now that I have bought enough makeup to fill a shop, you will probably not hear form me for a while, as I will be off experimenting! Let me know if you would like a more detailed review of any of the products, or if you have products to recommend that you can’t go without.


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