Back to School – Bridal and Beyond



In line with my current obsession with all things Illamasqua, I attended a two day Bridal and beyond course at the School of Makeup. I believe that it is very important to keep your skills up to date and challenge your normal way of doing things. Only by looking at things from a different perspective, will you evolve. Illamasqua might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but once you master the basic techniques of eye shapes, blending and skin, you can adjust it to any situation.

The first day we covered working practice, eyebrows, and a natural eye shape. I got chosen to be the model for the demonstration, and it was quite nice to be on the receiving side for a change. Our teacher, Ben, did a sterling job, and I almost did not recognise (half of) myself

illamasqua course43

Illamasqua course46

Illamasqua course49

illamasqua course53

illamasqua course54

Illamasqua course01

After lunch we paired up and put into practice what we learnt – below you can see my attempt. The makeup seemed quite bold when I did it, but as soon as I took a photo, it looks quite natural. I guess that’s where the difficulty comes in with bridal makeup, you need a good balance between what works on the day and what works on camera, and most people have a fright when they look a bit different to their every day, even if it is very flattering.

Illamasqua course27

On the second day we were shown how to do Asian Bridal makeup, which we all looked forward to as you get to use colours and go a bit wild.

Illamasqua course02

Illamasqua course 06

Illamasqua course 07

Illamasqua course 09

Illamasqua course12

Illamasqua course14

What seemed to be straight forward, ended up being a bit of a challenge, as bold makeup immediately shows up the flaws in your application. This look might take some practice to master to perfection, but for a first attempt, I don’t think it was too bad.

Illamasqua course25

Illamasqua course19

As homework for the second day, we had to design a face-chart, and everyone pulled a theme out of a hat. I designed a goth wedding makeup, and was quite looking forward to try it out, when they made us swop designs just to mix it up. Funnily, I ended up with a vintage design, and although it is a style I am very familiar with, I’m really glad that I got a chance to approach it differently and improve my technique.

Illamasqua course23

Illamasqua course22

Sadly, the course came to an end way too soon, but to send us off, we got a little gift pack – and to console myself I indulged in a bit of retail therapy, with a nice little discount.

Illamasqua course28

Gift pack


The new range of skin base concealers, pigment powder, eyeshadow and brushes.


Hydra Veil

So, if you are looking for makeup for your wedding, you can give the new improved me, a call!


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