All in a day’s work – bridal hair and makeup

It was a swelteringly hot day, and the challenge was to keep the bride’s exquisite tresses of red hair curled, and her makeup set to perfection. So I curled small sections of hair with my tongs, and wrapped them around foam curlers to cool down. I kept the makeup light and fresh, filled in her brows, and defined her eyes with neutrals and an eggplant eye-shadow to compliment her green eyes. I am a huge fan of coral lips, as it looks bright and fresh, without washing you out as nudes sometimes can. After makeup application, I took the curlers out and smoothed the hair into flowing locks, which was half pinned up with a marcasite comb.

I love the lighting in these photos taken by Marcus Maschwitz, a very talented photographer, who specialises in band and live music photography, but made an exception for this wedding.

Wedding makeup

WEdding makeup

Wedding hair

From Medusa to Shirley Temple – but wait! There is method in my madness!

Wedding hair

Smoothing locks into waves for a romantic look.

Wedding hair

wedding makeup and hair

wedding makeup and hair

The master lacer-upper lends a hand – all part of the service

If you are looking for a makeup artist and hair stylist for your wedding , I still have a few weekends free for October and November this year


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