Elegant Magazine – October Issue

Every now and again you get lucky and work with a team that just ‘click’. The formidable Gwenda Jeffs from Fearless Florals approached me to do makeup and hair for a Dressmaker’s Dummy-themed shoot a while ago, and I was quite keen to try out a flawless plastic skin and strong contouring.

Charlotte Emile Hardwick from Wilden Bride created the dress from scratch, and added more fabric and detail as the shoot progressed. Gwenda started off in only a corset, and bit by bit, metres of tulle was draped, pinned and tucked to create a most fabulous frock. The result of all this painstaking styling was captured  with flair by our photographer – Cristina Rossi.  A special mention should go to Marsha Hall, who made the most fabulous pair of shoes specially for the shoot – and had us all ooh-ing and aah-ing when she  brought them out of the box.  

FB Elegant Mag 06
FB Elegant Mag 04

FB Elegant Mag 02

FB Elegant Mag 05

FB Elegant Mag01


FB Elegant Mag 03

Some of my favourite images were not published, and as a bonus, you can see them here below…
I especially like how you can see the mannequin come to life through the sequence.

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