Steampunk Peacock


Steampunk Petrified Forest-4245 (2)


It was a cold and windy day in October, the dead branches of the trees reaching for the grey skies as if to claw their way out of the soggy ground….and we decided it was a good day for a photo shoot . Discomfort aside – our talented photographer Kat did get some great shots with the dramatic skies.

If I had known what the weather had in store for us, I would not have attempted the large feather lashes, but they valiantly held on through the shoot. I rather enjoyed playing around with greens and blues, not exactly fashionable, but I do like a bit of colour.

Steampunk Petrified Forest-4038

Steampunk Petrified Forest-4351





The Fabulous suppliers for this shoot (and your wedding, should you choose) are:

Hair and makeup: Anneke Irving Retromorphosist

Photography: Kat Forsyth

Flowers and model: Gwenda Jeffs from the Vintage Floral Design Company

Bustle: Karen Robb from Dornellie

Stationary: Claire Spake Design & Co

Cakes: Lucy Waller from Sweet Williams Cake boutique





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